About Us

Since the beginning of time, food has created a bond that has brought together people to share bounty, fellowship, and good times.  Be it with family, friends, or total strangers, the sharing of food around the table has led us to extend out arms, open out hearts and thoughts, and made our collective souls more generous.

However, the ever need to focus on day-to-day challenges creates the hectic lifestyle we so often require (and too often embrace) and leads to proper diet and nutrition and the fellowship of meals to be sacrificed.  

It is with the appreciation of the power of food to improve health and bond us together that we have created our local food council. 

The purpose of this council is to....

improve the health and well-being of our community by creating an environment where citizens can more easily access fresh, locally grown food products that are affordable and nutritious.

In a sense, creating a community dinner table that connects our local community with our local farmers.